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Top Communities in Edmonton!!!!

Here is what people are saying about some of your favourite Edmonton communities!!!!

Terwillegar: Where the playgrounds are as abundant as kids' energy levels after a sugar rush. Prepare for endless "Are we there yet?" queries as you explore the vast green spaces.

  1. Windermere: An upscale community where strollers are practically considered luxury vehicles and the local grocery store hosts impromptu playdates in the cereal aisle.

  2. Riverbend: Where tree-lined streets aren't just scenic, they're also your family's obstacle course for biking adventures and dramatic driveway scooter exits.

  3. Magrath Heights: You'll be living so high up, your kids will claim their sneezes have turned them into superheroes, able to see their house from miles away.

  4. Henderson Estates: Because why settle for an ordinary backyard when you can have a mystical realm for treasure hunts and dragon-slaying quests?

  5. Ogilvie Ridge: The neighborhood that boasts the quickest commute from the kids' bedrooms to the kitchen for those emergency cookie refueling moments.

  6. Rutherford: A place where the only traffic jams are caused by tricycles and the most heated debate revolves around whether the slide is faster than the swing.

  7. The Hamptons: "Mom, can we get a second pool? The first one's getting crowded!" – The classic problem every family faces in this water-loving paradise.

  8. Lendrum Place: The secret to its family-friendliness? An unadvertised teleportation service for school drop-offs and extracurricular activities.

  9. Pleasantview: Where the word "pleasant" is just a modest description for a neighborhood that turns every snowfall into an opportunity for epic snowball battles.

Remember, a sense of humor can make house hunting and family life all the more enjoyable. Just be sure to pack your joke book alongside the moving boxes!

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